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  • Earn Crypto There are many ways to earn cryptocurrency in our site such as faucet, shortlinks, ptc, tasks, offerwalls, lottery, and more.
  • Withdraw your earnings straight to your wallet. We pay directly via the blockchain. The owner of your money must be you and not a third party microwallet service.
  • Referral Commission Share your referral link with your friends and earn 20% + Items of all their earnings for lifetime. Track your earnings on our advanced referral statistics panel.
  • Level Up Complete tasks and earn levels, every level you reach, your reward get increased for lifetime. Combine this bonus with your items and multiply your earnings.
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  • Anti Cheat & Bot Protection Strong anti cheat and bot protection.
  • Strong server SSL, Dedicated Server & DDOS protected.
  • VPN Detect Automatically prohibits the use of VPN.

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882 noname [email protected] 0.102158 USD PAID
881 Olibet 0x55E4230bCC15B62cE89D91950c357A722c552726 0.12152 USD PAID
880 Ytxhacks TWeVPbXP5LeoqGiw3P9QrgPLPARsK645SY 0.10584 USD PAID
878 joker20 M8F1F1Kz8h9ixw9KyAKDpr6fM2kxnxGwQX 0.12628 USD PAID
877 Arkha 0x7750a9E50f6005B7f5a7A8b3424Df2c04403860F 0.143122 USD PAID
876 Kemar M8XPPQAUfxdto6TunKEjWtcdk11PkWChop 0.14336 USD PAID
875 Kindro TSEHMYeZUwJc6hNFPsjrvYoSRADfM3UQ1J 0.117097 USD PAID
874 kwusu1 M8fPCRXoF4kaX6fDw9QbY12KaajyHnMZWB 0.10192 USD PAID
873 Ehimare MCEAp64dJDgWKLZphoHnZv9cPtVpbRz8ro 0.11592 USD PAID
872 Pompong MKhz2pTCaVB4o6MB1sef37tmfoWB616Ahj 0.14434 USD PAID
870 Billyw123 MWkZxkzq3MyCcf5efyNoJzV1wCTULCqziG 0.15204 USD PAID
869 aliaboalenein BfuqPqbrzrHKqYdQhax7drYMfC5yHG7XWjHw1JdzYHcH 0.10094 USD PAID
868 setareh23 DQgq3Mcohjos4K6Lz9Kcw1DECN5J9weyf9 0.1225 USD PAID
867 Lgcygf 8zGkqUBYDaNGHmatC2x86HDbkURANgdUMmTXTSyYTzys 0.10136 USD PAID
866 Trk52 MABVKewym69aA71qAzTfJgd3jHGfvHBeK2 0.11648 USD PAID
865 silver999 1B6ejzQ2DsbBiwobn5TW44nKGMLJX6ixJA 0.100394 USD PAID
864 Afriiiii M8PDwRwhACbNshMAbHxxr995KYg4UqGkKX 0.122321 USD PAID
863 Lisi12 MTQN7tckSV9kSrdTiu5ZHnd2UnKXk77fKR 0.10248 USD PAID
862 Alangd237 19uPScPNonnEs63bdVhSYxKc8mUfmj7XWi 0.15428 USD PAID
861 jamshada075 [email protected] 0.100057 USD PAID

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Frequently Asked Queries

You are not allowed to create multiple accounts or have multiple accounts in the same network. All violated accounts will be banned.

We share up to 10% of your friend earning for referring them. You can get your referral link in Refferal Tab

Bots, VPN/Proxy are not allowed on this site. We will ban all violated accounts.

Faucetpay Club is an rewards and advertising platform where members can earn token by Clicking ads, Claiming faucet, filling out Surveys and Offers or where Advertisers can gain cheap exposure to crypto audience.